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Analysis of the classification of aluminum foil soft connection

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Analysis of the classification of aluminum foil soft connection

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There are various types of aluminum foil soft connections, different aluminum foil also have different roles. Now on aluminum foil soft connection for the following simple classification, only for reference!

Aluminum foil soft connection

According to the thickness of aluminum foil, shape, state or material can be classified.

According to the thickness of aluminum foil can be divided into thick foil, single zero foil and double zero foil. (1) thick foil: thickness of 0. 1 to 0. 2 mm of the foil. (2) single zero foil: thickness of 0. The sum of Olmm is less than 0. 1mm/foil. (3) double zero foil: the so-called double zero foil is in its thickness in mm as a measurement unit after the decimal point of two zero foil, usually for the thickness of less than 0.0075mm aluminum foil. Heavy gaugefoil, single zero foil, double zero foil Foreign countries sometimes call the aluminum foil with a thickness ≤40ltm light gaugefoil, while the aluminum foil with a thickness of >40btm is collectively called heavy gaugefoil.

According to the shape of aluminum foil can be divided into rolled aluminum foil and sheet aluminum foil. Aluminum foil deep processing wool most of the supply of rolls, only a small number of handicraft packaging occasions used in foil foil.

According to the state of aluminum foil can be divided into hard foil, semi-hard foil and soft foil. Hard foil: after rolling without softening treatment (annealing) of aluminum foil, without degreasing treatment, the surface is residual. So hard foil before printing, bonding, coating must be degreased, if used for forming processing can be used directly. (2) semi-hard foil: aluminum foil hardness (or strength) between hard foil and soft foil aluminum foil, usually used for forming processing. (3) soft foil: after rolling through full annealing and soft aluminum foil, soft material, no residual oil surface. At present, most application fields, such as packaging, composite, electrical materials, etc., all use soft foil.

According to the surface state of aluminum foil can be divided into one side of aluminum foil and two sides of aluminum foil. (1) a light aluminum foil: double rolling aluminum foil, after rolling on the side of the bright, - black, such a foil called a light aluminum foil. The thickness of one-side aluminum foil is usually no more than o. 025 mm. (2) two-sided light aluminum foil: sheet rolled aluminum foil, two pictures and roll contact, the two sides of aluminum foil due to different surface roughness of the roll is divided into mirror and ordinary two-sided light aluminum foil. The thickness of two-side light aluminum foil is generally not less than 0. 01 mm.

According to the adding state, aluminum foil can be divided into plain foil, embossed foil, composite foil, coating foil, colored aluminum foil and printing aluminum foil. Plain foil: after rolling without any other processing of aluminum foil, also known as light foil. (2) embossed foil: pressure on the surface of a variety of patterns of aluminum foil. (3) composite foil: the aluminum foil and paper, plastic film, cardboard lamination in the formation of composite aluminum foil. (4) coating foil: surface coated with all kinds of resin or paint aluminum foil. 5. Colored aluminum foil: aluminum foil coated with a single color on the surface. 6 printing aluminum foil: through printing on the surface to form a variety of patterns, patterns, text or screen of aluminum foil, can be a color, up to 12 colors.

Aluminum foil has the advantages of light weight, airtight and good cladding, etc. -- series. Therefore, it is widely used in many sectors of national economy and People's Daily life, but it is mainly used in packaging, mechanical and electrical engineering and construction.

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