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The use of aluminum foil for soft connection

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The use of aluminum foil for soft connection

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The use of aluminum foil for soft connection

Aluminum foil soft connection

Air conditioning foil

Air conditioning foil is a special material for making fin of heat exchanger for air conditioner. In order to improve the appearance performance of plain foil, the hydrophilic foil is formed by applying anticorrosive inorganic coating and hydrophilic organic coating before forming. Currently, hydrophilic foils account for %1 of the total air conditioning foils, and their application ratio will be further improved. Other there is a detest of water foil, so that the appearance of the fin with detest of water function, avoid condensation water with adhesion. Because hate water foil to improve the appearance of defrosting skills to be further studied, the current practice produces very little.

The thickness of air conditioning foil is 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm. With the development of skills, there is a tendency to further reduce the thickness of air conditioning foil. The current leading product in Japan is 0.09mm thick. In the extremely thin state, aluminum foil must have good formability, its arrangement and performance must be uniform, less metallurgical defects, small anisotropy, together need high strength, good ductility, uniform thickness, good flatness. The standard of air conditioning foil and alloy is relatively single, suitable for large-scale production, but its market seasonal strong, about the air conditioning foil professional manufacturers, it is difficult to deal with the peak season for too much supply and cold season simply do not need the contradiction.

Due to the weak market demand, in recent years, China's air conditioning foil production capacity and skill level of continuous progress, has formed large, medium and small, medium and low production of air conditioning foil group, some large companies such as north China aluminum, bohai aluminum product quality has reached the world's leading level. Because of the surplus domestic production capacity, the market competition is extremely fierce.

Cigarette packaging foil

China is the world's largest cigarette production and spending power, currently there are 146 large cigarette factories in China, an annual output of 34 million large amount of cigarette box, not even choose cigarette foil packing, in which 30% choose spraying foil, 70% choose rolling aluminum foil, aluminum foil rolling consumption of 35000 tons, with enhanced citizen health awareness and imported cigarettes, smoke foil requirements of adding significantly slowed, estimates that will add slightly in recent years. Chinese cigarette packaging foils account for 70% of the total amount of double zero foils. Currently, there are two or three domestic companies that can produce high-quality tobacco foils with appropriate technical level with the world level, but the overall quality of domestic tobacco foils is far from the world level.

Three, decoration foil

Decoration foil is through the aluminum - plastic composite way of decoration materials, the use of aluminum foil good coloring, high photothermal reflectivity. Primarily used for construction, furniture decoration and part of the gift box packaging. Decoration foil in the construction industry in China from the beginning of the 1990s, by Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou and other central cities to all parts of the country rapidly extending, in recent years, the demand increased sharply, usually as the interior wall of the building and interior furniture decoration materials, in commercial institutions in the facade and interior decoration has been widely used.

Decoration foil with heat insulation, moistureproof, sound insulation, fire prevention and easy to clean, and the appearance of luxury, convenient processing, construction equipment speed. Current China builds, home outfit industry already formed the use upsurge that decorates foil. With the rapid development of China's construction industry and decoration foil use of the continuous popularity, decoration foil requirements will have a substantial addition. Other, choose decoration foil packaging gifts is very popular abroad, in recent years in China's development speed is very fast, it is estimated that there will be a better future.

Cable foil

Cable foil is aluminum foil sealing and shielding, one side or two sides coated with plastic film, composed of aluminum # plastic composite foil, used as cable cover. Cable foil needs to have little oil on the surface, no holes, and high mechanical properties. The overall quality is not high, but the length needs to be very strict.

At present, China's leading cold rolling mill, universal mill and aluminum foil rough mill can produce, but the market growth is poor, the annual domestic demand of 25,000 tons.

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