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How to install and use aluminum foil soft connection

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How to install and use aluminum foil soft connection

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How to install and use aluminum foil soft connection


Aluminum foil soft connection is an ideal connection components, it has many excellent properties and is widely used, however, when using aluminum soft connection, abnormal temperature and fever, what caused this problem happened, on the one hand, it is associated with the design of aluminum soft connection, when the thickness of the contact surface of aluminum soft connection phase at the same time, will lead to the overheating at thin, or in the design of soft connection flow, the value is too small and cannot reach the device current flow and generate heat.

Incorrect connection of aluminum, on the other hand, soft, mainly because of wiring location error, cannot normal flow of electric current, aluminum soft connection temperature increased, if aluminum soft connection for a long time to use at the same time, the rust on the surface, then the current will heat up, aluminum soft connection end of the contact hole may also be too big and cannot be closed completely, and only part of the contact, in this case, not only did not meet the requirements of driving, but also produce aluminum heat soft connection.

Therefore, in order to avoid the aluminum foil heat soft connection, from the beginning of the design must pay attention to, must strictly abide by when install and use, in terms of soft connection installed on the tool of the aluminum foil, there are many design point, in order to avoid some error caused by height, compensation must be used and must be compensation combination tools, combination tools must be designed for the mobile, so as to achieve better effect.

Because the middle connection is aluminum foil soft connection, so you need to design support system, and the location of the dynamic contact LvPai is fixed and positioning, to ensure that the aluminum foil soft connection required to meet the requirements of the same material aluminum soft connection specifications are the same, compared with light weight light, the material is pure, to ensure that the aluminum soft connection conform to the requirements of the application, and then you can correctly installed, so that the normal use.

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