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Under what circumstances can not use aluminum foil soft connection

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Under what circumstances can not use aluminum foil soft connection

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Aluminum foil soft connection

Under what circumstances can not use aluminum foil soft connection

Aluminum soft seal is then based on the aluminum foil processing products, when using thick aluminum foil as raw materials, the laminated structures of aluminum foil pressed together, and in the high temperature heater diffusion bonding for the melting and welding, with the polymer molding for everybody need connectors, soft seal another method is to use silver based solder welding and butt welding flat aluminum blocks will directly laminated aluminum foil pressed together.

However aluminum soft connection for lines and transformers, generators and other large flexible connection between conductive device, relative to other aluminum soft connection connector has high conductivity, high resistance to flow, resistance and durability of high value, so it can be used in metallurgical, chemical, electric power transmission and transformation project, coal equipment, electric locomotive sea-going ships used in various industries, the use of aluminum soft connection using conditions have certain standards, and relative humidity of 95% or less of the highest high temperature.

Although before met working conditions, aluminum soft connection can have very good effect, so the computer is a free, influenced by external factors, the use of aluminum soft connection not only help to heat dissipation, also can prevent vibration cause safety accidents, to offset the influence of the environment, at the same time it can effectively absorb large current electrical equipment noise and vibration of the runtime makes large current device, the electrical connection between the optimization more reliable safety.

But this does not mean that the aluminum soft connection is omnipotent, also restricted by its own conditions and application, especially in terms of environment, use aluminum soft connection when the environment is very strict, especially in is a big gap between the temperature of the environment, usually need to control the temperature of the aluminum soft connection environment between - 40 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees c, humidity of the air must be strictly monitor the environment at the same time, in order to avoid the excessive aluminum soft connection performance caused abnormal situation.

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