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Why aluminum foil soft connection can be widely used

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Why aluminum foil soft connection can be widely used

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Why aluminum foil soft connection can be widely used

Now understand that the new aluminum soft connection, including aluminum foil fixed at both ends of the connection in fittings, fittings rotatablely connected to the screw, clamp with sliding cavities in the upper portion of the pressure plate, sliding pieces can be connected to the sliding cavity, on one side of the washer, fixed to connect to the slide rod, from packing to move one end of the pole, cross slide chamber within the upper and extending outward, support plate fixed connection at one end of the nut, sliding sleeve wrapped around the end of support plate near the nut.


Now new extrusion mechanism makes it easier to install and use the aluminum foil, aluminum foil were improved, the application scope of the current aluminum soft connection head welding equipment, including shell, the upper part of the set are pneumatic oil cylinder shell, using propane tanks and solenoid valves, control box is set at the top of shell side, so the upper shell is equipped with guide device, the lower end of the steering mechanism is equipped with the electrode assembly, the center of the shell is equipped with the work station, the lower end of the work station is equipped with the cabinet, one end of the cabinet is equipped with shunt by water cooling.

Now aluminum soft connection welding equipment, has the use of high precision, low power consumption, stable operation, simplify the welding technology, the whole process of welding quality protection, so the practical application of high efficiency, good economy, application and the intensity is greatly reduced, the cost of the proposed new aluminum soft connection conductive structure, including the use of multiple joint and connection between the adjacent joints connected with soft, with joint connection holes.

Through multiple aluminum strip forming aluminum laminated soft connection, aluminum strip can be naturally separated from each other, makes the size of the length direction can change in a very wide scope, now the new cost under the condition of ensure the electrical conductivity is reduced, to reduce the weight of the high pressure conductive part, increase the energy density of battery shell, size and shape, so compared with the rigid connection, can adjust the flexibility of soft connection to load module.

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