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Whether aluminum foil soft connection can be widely used

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Whether aluminum foil soft connection can be widely used

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Whether aluminum foil soft connection can be widely used


Through the soft connection product technology research, study and practice test, integrate relevant industry technical force, currently available products include polymer diffusion welding machine, used for soft aluminum foil joints and support device of the welding machine, with aluminum soft connection in the form of a combination of equipment, in addition to the manufacturers have begun to study how to automation products, the current automation, in order to improve the product efficiency and performance, a kind of new type aluminum soft connection for energy vehicles, the main function is the material between the diffusion welding.

Now the main production equipment bus expansion joint and soft conductive coupling, it is urgent need of foundry industry, using the product, can be spread between soft and hard connection of the welding, the device has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, use safety, energy saving, aluminum has good hardness and plasticity, can provide all kinds of soft foil joint products, has a variety of functions and a variety of thickness.

Soft connection of aluminum foil products are now widely used, especially in the new energy industry, such as electric vehicles, the conductivity of the aluminum is lower than the conductivity of the aluminum, but its plasticity and flexibility and aluminum cannot match, so part of the car battery soft connection using aluminum foil manufacturing, convenient installation, light weight, long service life, aluminum has a low melting point and good ductility, however, control temperature and welding stress is the main technical points,

In projection, the weld has its own plan, effectively solve the unique design of welding plate temperature control and voltage control problem, the natural development of the insulation and cooling system of extra insulation significantly reduce the power consumption of the machine and internal loss, save power and saving production cost, for electroplating aluminum soft connection, there is a need to further check whether the quality of the plating process in place, ideally, whether each layer of uniform plating, won't appear the leakage of aluminium, the other aluminum weight can be compared to determine the weight.

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