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How to guarantee the performance of aluminum foil soft connection

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How to guarantee the performance of aluminum foil soft connection

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Aluminum foil soft connection

In order to test the performance of the aluminum foil soft connection, it is necessary to test, through previous experience has been found that in the aluminum foil soft connection test is the most possible problems during short circuit, in order to avoid the resulting damage, it is necessary to pay attention to some measures, when the demolition of the aluminum foil soft connection, first check whether the aluminum cover is damaged or use overheat, to avoid short-circuit during the test, it should be noted that the aluminum foil soft connection on the under side of the main incentive cable has three aluminum plate, and can be in all on the cable for testing.

Can start on the premise of full protection measures, the aluminum foil soft connection test, it also plays an important role in the application and real life, both chemical industry and metallurgy industry, aluminum soft connection can be everywhere, metallurgical industry, for example, electrolytic aluminium and aluminium zinc is used, should be equipped with soft gaskets, in the chemical industry, ion exchange membrane ion exchange process to use also is closely connected with soft connection, so are building or have built in power plants, and power plants need to use the aluminum soft connection, electric power equipment in the transformer and distribution cabinet used for connection to use effectively.

Through the above phenomenon that, using a wide range of aluminum soft connection, and update the products and the influence is more and more big, the future of the application scope of aluminum foil with soft connection will develop with a wider range of real condition, but this does not mean that the aluminum soft connection is everything, the application will be limited to their own conditions, especially in the environment, soft connection using aluminum are very strict to the environment, especially used in temperature humidity requirements are more strict

Currently using aluminum foil soft connection environment temperature, must be controlled in a certain temperature, the humidity in the environment at the same time must be strictly controlled, in order to prevent the normal operation of the aluminum foil soft connection, because it is more than the standard, when the aluminum foil soft connection exists in the low voltage of electric equipment, at the same time can also play a role in the high voltage electric appliance, due to the aluminum foil soft connection must have sufficient current carrying capacity, by using the measurement of electrical components must meet the requirements of measurement precision.

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