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The difference between copper foil soft connection and copper wire soft connection

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The difference between copper foil soft connection and copper wire soft connection

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Copper foil soft connection

Copper foil soft connection and copper wire soft connection their role is actually the same, as between the electrical soft connection. They are found in transformer installation, high and low voltage switchgear, vacuum appliances, closed busway, generator and busbar, rectifier equipment, smelting equipment, rectifier and isolation switch connections. In recent years, it is often used in aerospace, rail transportation and new energy industry.

But why some choose copper foil soft connection, and some choose copper wire soft connection? What's the difference between them? Copper foil soft connection is made by superposition of purple copper foil with a single thickness of 0.03mm-0.30mm, which is formed by high-temperature fusion welding lap surface. Copper foil can only move up and down in the process of use, which has high requirements on the installation position and great limitations. The soft connection of copper wire is made of copper braided belt or copper stranded wire. After pressing the connection, it can rotate 360 degrees. Generally, the current is small or the installation position is wide. As for large-current copper soft connections with a carrying capacity of more than 1500A, we usually recommend customers to use copper strand to ensure the softness of products and increase the flexibility of product installation. Installation of small space electrical space, we will also recommend the use of copper strand soft connection.

As for the price of copper foil soft connection and copper wire soft connection, it depends on the specific process, basically the difference between the two is not big.

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