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Do you know the advantages and skills of copper foil soft connection?

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Do you know the advantages and skills of copper foil soft connection?

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Do you know the advantages and skills of copper foil soft connection?

Copper foil soft connection

I will pay attention to the importance of copper foil soft connection around us together with you, and I look forward to exploring more techniques related to copper foil soft connection with you in the future. If you have more ideas on copper foil soft connection, please contact us actively, we will certainly help you have a more profound impact on copper foil soft connection. I will still help you to find out more about the copper foil soft connection. I look forward to your cooperation and communication.

You should also understand that copper foil soft connection, copper braided bus expansion joint specification is made of oxygen free copper tube, flat, bright. Copper foil soft connection products are widely used in high and low voltage electrical appliances, vacuum electronics, high and low voltage switchgear, electric welding machine, automobile, electric locomotives, electric furnace, mine explosion-proof electric equipment, generators, carbon brush wire characteristics: advantages: good flexibility, easy to heat dissipation, resistance to bending, the conductivity is strong, easy installation faults: overload can be almost, easily damaged wire in the middle.

In fact, you should understand the product function of copper foil soft connection: copper foil soft connection is made by cold pressing with bare copper wire or tin-plated copper braided tape. Interface can be according to the customer to note tin pure diameter of 0.20 mm: standard products 0.10 mm: can according to customer request processing, on both ends of the copper pipe, copper foil silver plated brass surface processing of soft connection, connector size according to the size of customer form a complete set of production, through special processing, made of copper foil soft connection, soft ground, high conductivity and anti-fatigue capability is strong, safe production according to customer requirements.

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