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There are problems in the copper foil soft connection market

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There are problems in the copper foil soft connection market

Date of release:2019-04-30 Author: Click:

Today let's talk about the problems in the copper foil soft connection market.

Copper foil soft connection

(1) to increase the scale, at present, the overall capacity of the wire and cable industry is more than one time greater than the demand, and the predicted demand quantity of all kinds of products in 2000 is less than the current capacity.

(2) in recent years, many low-level repeated construction, the wire and cable industry is not aware of the product structure adjustment, product structure contradictions are still prominent, high level products can not meet the needs. It looks broad. For example, bare wires account for nearly a fifth of the country's output, and only a tenth of that in developed countries. The exposed wire, overhead wire and ordinary steel core aluminum alloy strand and wide.

(3) of the more than 700 enterprises, one quarter of them lost money. The percentage of industry sales revenue decreased to 5% in 1991 from 11.7%. In 1995, the loss of the whole industry decreased due to the impact of low economic benefits. Copper soft connection industry downstream market over the past two years are changing all the adjustment, and the copper soft connection exists many errors in the field of market development, take the automotive industry, we believe that the overall is not making much progress in recent years, in fact, it should be said we not making much progress in the aspect of cars, and in other commercial vehicle has a lot of development, key automotive spare parts. We progress in the primary market is small, we in the secondary market for the main part, so the need for industries and enterprises attention in two aspects: one is market segmentation, to strive for a absolute advantage of comparative advantage, the second is the market development more difficult, to do already entered first, first in terms of product should have reliability, to break bureaucrats' backs to bring up the MTBF; Service to have consistency, pre-sale, sale, after-sales, long-term tracking service; The enterprise must have the stability, the management must be standardized. Third, we need to explore new areas. Many of the equipment used in industries related to people's lives is blind or weak.

Another point I'd like to make is that foreign companies have also made great progress in China in recent years. Like domestic companies, they have made great efforts to develop and innovate to serve users and the society, which has won great attention and praise from all sides. At present, the copper soft connection market is not optimistic, I hope the copper soft connection can continue to develop and improve themselves, so that they are in a more favorable position.

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