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What are the USES of copper foil soft connection

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What are the USES of copper foil soft connection

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Copper foil soft connection

1, copper foil soft connection: also known as copper belt soft connection, copper sheet type soft connection, is the use of high-quality 0.05~0.3mm thick copper foil as raw material, the copper foil laminated parts pressed together, through the high current high temperature polymer diffusion welding machine to split the pressure welding.

2, copper bus soft connection: also known as copper bar soft connection.

3, the copper strand soft connection: as a conductor, the two ends of the copper tube, copper tube surface tin treatment, joint standard according to customer needs to produce, and then through the disposal together, make a soft connection, soft grounding. Copper strand soft connection has high conductivity and strong resistance to fatigue. Mainly suitable for all kinds of high voltage electrical appliances, communication equipment, vacuum electrical appliances, mine explosion switch and automobile and other related products to do soft connection. To deal with the quality risk of conventional cold binding process.

4, tin-plated copper braided belt soft connection: used for all kinds of high-voltage electrical appliances, vacuum electrical appliances, mine explosion-proof switch and automobile, locomotive and other related products to do soft connection.

5. Soft connection of copper braided belt for transformer installation.

Copper foil soft connection USES: can be used for transformer installation, high and low voltage cabinet, vacuum appliances, closed bus slot, generator and bus, rectifier equipment, rectifier cabinet and isolation switch between the connection and the connection between the bus. It can improve the conductivity, adjust the error of equipment installation, and at the same time play the role of (damping) work compensation, convenient test and equipment maintenance.

What are the methods of copper soft connection? There are several cases of using copper soft connection:

1, short circuit current is too large, many hard bus can not meet the requirements of dynamic stability, especially in the generator outlet.

2, the load current is relatively large, the hard bus needs multi-layer parallel connection, installation does not put.

3, consider the phenomenon of heat rise and cold contraction.

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