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Lets learn about copper foil soft connection

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Lets learn about copper foil soft connection

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Copper foil soft connection with low surface oxygen characteristics, can adhere to a variety of different substrate, such as metals, insulation materials, has a wide range of temperature use. Mainly used for electromagnetic shielding and antistatic, the conductive copper foil is placed on the substrate surface, combined with the metal substrate, has excellent conductivity, and provides electromagnetic shielding effect. Can be divided into: self-adhesive copper foil, copper foil, copper foil single conductor, etc. Electronic grade copper foil thickness (more than 99.7% purity, 5 um um - 105) is one of the basic materials of the electronics industry fast development of electronic information industry, electronic grade copper foil usage is more and more big, the products are widely used in industrial use calculators, communications equipment, QA, lithium ion battery, civil TV, VCR, CD players, copy machine, telephone, air conditioning, automotive electronics, game consoles, etc. The demand of electronic grade copper foil, especially high performance electronic grade copper foil, is increasing day by day. Relevant professional institutions predict that by 2015, China's domestic demand for electronic copper foil will reach 300,000 tons, China will become the world's largest manufacturing base of printed circuit board and copper foil, electronic copper foil, especially high-performance foil market is optimistic.

Copper foil soft connection

Carbon copper foil coated performance advantages

1. Significantly improve the consistency of battery pack usage and significantly reduce the cost of battery pack.

· significantly reduce the increase of dynamic internal resistance of the cell;

· improve the differential pressure consistency of the battery pack;

· extend battery life;

2. Improve the adhesive force of active materials and fluid collectors, and reduce the manufacturing cost of electrode sheets. Such as:

· improve the adhesion of anode material and collector using water-based system;

· improved adhesion of nanoscale or submicron anode materials and collectors;

· improve the adhesion of lithium titanate or other high-capacity anode materials and collectors;

· improve the qualified rate of pole sheet making and reduce the manufacturing cost of pole sheet.

Test chart of adhesion between carbon coated aluminum foil and light foil

The adhesive force of carbon-coated aluminum foil back plate was increased from 10gf to 60gf(with adhesive tape or bagknife method), and the adhesive force was significantly increased.

3. Reduce polarization, increase multiplier and gram capacity, and improve battery performance.

Such as:

· partially reduce the proportion of adhesive in the active material and increase the gram capacity;

· improve the electrical contact between the active material and the collecting fluid;

· reduce polarization and improve power performance.

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