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The paper analyzes the solution of oxidation of copper foil soft connection surface

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The paper analyzes the solution of oxidation of copper foil soft connection surface

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(1) hot dry air is pumped into the rewinding box to keep the copper foil in a high-temperature dry environment; The second is to spray phenyltriazolium and chromic acid on the surface of copper foil. Third, the summer raw foil coil is not too large, coil large copper foil by electrostatic corrosion for a long time, the side by air corrosion for a long time resulting in serious oxidation. Copper foil in the electrolytic cell immediately after the line on the processing line for treatment, to avoid long storage time on the surface of copper foil oxidation. In the organization of production, the bottom roll of the raw foil shall be successively rolled according to the processing speed of the processing line, and the bottom roll shall immediately be the production of the processing line, without making the raw foil roll.


(2) production workshop high temperature, high humidity, electrolytic copper foil in the electrolytic cell production soon oxidized. Copper foil surface oxidation is very serious when it is taken off the line. Therefore, the temperature of the electrolysis workshop in summer should not be higher than 25 degrees, and the humidity should not be more than 40%. The most important thing is to keep the workshop dry, such as the ground is dry without water, do not mop the floor with water, and there is no pool or faucet in the workshop. To ensure that the electrolysis tank and roller produced by the wet gas all out of the workshop. Do a good job of sealing the first and second floor of the workshop, to ensure that the moist air of the first floor does not enter the electrolytic workshop of the second floor, especially the moist and hot air containing acid, can never enter the electrolytic workshop of the second floor. Air conditioning air supply to have a larger return, when the outdoor air humidity is large, can be used to mainly, to supply fresh air as a supplement, in the outdoor air humidity is particularly large, fresh air must be dehumidified, keep the workshop humidity at a lower level.

(3) copper foil should be sprayed with electrolyte immediately after it is transferred from the electrolyte of the electrolytic cell with the cathode roller to remove the attachments on the surface. Spray location and the electrolytic cell in the liquid level the closer the better, the distance, the electrolyte exposed to air area, long time, easy to produce acid fog. It is also easy to cause from the surface of copper foil to squeeze down the electrolyte flow down the copper foil, in many places to form a small liquid. Moreover, the greater the distance between the extrusion roller and the liquid surface, the longer the downstream time, because the surface of copper foil liquid and no liquid will make the surface of copper foil corrosion strength is different, the longer the corrosion caused by the color difference. Where there is no liquid slip, the corrosion intensity is small, while where there is liquid slip, the corrosion intensity is large, so that the surface of copper foil corrosion is serious, the degree of corrosion is different, the color and roughness of the surface of copper foil is different. Therefore, the surface of copper foil has acid channels (in fact, the surface of copper foil may contain acid). Raw acid in copper foil after winding will be printed on the smooth surface, affecting the appearance of copper foil quality. Squeeze roll (also receive water roll) from the electrolytic cell surface position as close as possible, the distance is large, so that squeeze roll squeeze down the electrolyte downstream time is too long to cause acid channel. The thinner the copper foil is, the faster the cathode roll speed is, the more liquid there is on the surface of copper foil, the more liquid is squeezed down, resulting in more acid channels on the surface of copper foil, and the more serious the corrosion of the raw surface, the more serious the impact on the smooth surface of copper foil.

(4) copper foil coming out of the cell, after squeeze squeeze liquid liquid roller have to be washed in the shortest possible time, both the position of water washing and nearly some good squeeze liquid roller distance, this can make the water in the copper foil surface evenly into downflow, distance, the sheet of water, can't be formed naturally to assemble more than a a eaves gutter, focus on a few downstream direction, distance, make the water a long time, cause the copper foil surface of water and no water color difference. Copper foil surface washing must have a certain pressure and water, enough water pressure can ensure that the copper foil hair surface is very small pits of residual liquid rinse clean. Adequate amount of water is to wash out the residual liquid and impurities from the copper foil surface, preventing corrosion and stains left on the copper foil. The quality of the water you wash is critical. No chloride, no acid, no oil, it must be pure water. PH value must be neutral, if the surface of copper foil washing is not clean, copper foil is easy to oxidation. The cleaner the surface, the better the oxidation resistance of copper foil. If the surface of copper foil is washed very clean, drying very dry, the workshop temperature is low, the humidity is small, even if the summer temperature is higher, more humidity, copper foil is not easy to oxidation.

(5) the poor exhaust effect of the electrolytic cell will lead to the oxidation of copper foil surface, and the poor design of the exhaust location of the electrolytic cell will make the acid gas of the electrolytic cell unable to exhaust. The acid gas that overflows the electrolytic cell smokes copper foil smooth surface vertically upward, resulting in the oxidation of copper foil smooth surface. If the spilled acid gas and moist air in the workshop meet, condensation into acid fog drop on the copper foil to form acid fog corrosion point, that is, the acid fog point on the copper foil. The exhaust air of the electrolytic cell is pumped by a large induced draft fan, and a large amount of air in the workshop is extracted through the exhaust air outlet of the electrolytic cell to achieve ventilation in the workshop. The air outlet of the electrolytic cell is the place where the maximum amount of air is discharged through the workshop. Therefore, the air outlet of the electrolytic cell should not be too close to the surface of cathode roll, so as to reduce the corrosion of the surface of cathode roll by airflow. Titanium cathode roll is not afraid of immersion in electrolyte, afraid of air blowing. The air outlet should not be directly connected with the return liquid port, to reduce the electrolyte taken out by the wind, to prevent the air outlet of the electrolytic cell from blocking due to copper sulfate crystallization, and at the same time to reduce the amount of copper sulfate solution brought into the air duct, causing copper sulfate crystallization, once this situation needs to stop cleaning.

(6) the upper edge of the anode plate is not shielded, and the surface of copper foil is easily oxidized at high temperature. The so-called shield is a strip of pure titanium or plastic material with a width of about 60 mm and a length the same as the horizontal length of the anode plate affixed vertically on the anode plate. The shield makes the cathode roll conduct no electricity at the moment when it enters the electrolyte. The cathode roller surface with electrolyte adsorption gas discharged, because an important characteristic of titanium can be strongly absorbed gases (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc.), prior to entering the cathode roller in electrolytic cell, the surface can absorb a certain amount of gas, the higher the temperature the inspiratory capacity, the greater the cathode roller in electrolytic surface should be present after the pure metal oxide film, surface gas cannot exist. In this way, the raw foil is not easy to oxidize, which is the actual reason, no one has yet explained clearly, but this has an obvious effect of preventing copper foil on the cathode roll oxidation.

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