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Brief analysis of the application scope of copper foil soft connection

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Brief analysis of the application scope of copper foil soft connection

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Copper foil soft connection can be used for transformer installation, high and low voltage switching cabinet, vacuum appliances, closed bus tank, generator and bus, rectifier equipment, connection between rectifier cabinet and isolation switch and connection between bus.

Copper foil soft connection

1, withstand large current, small resistance value, durable, large carrying capacity, good electrical performance, easy to use and install.

2, can improve the conductivity, adjust the equipment installation error, at the same time (shock absorption) work compensation function, convenient test and equipment maintenance, etc.

Introduction to copper strand:

Look at the appearance of copper strand copper strand of choose and buy needs to start from the appearance of observation, generally good copper strand its appearance relatively bright, service has obvious damage and scratch, will not have obvious oxidation reaction produced discoloration phenomenon.

Outside the uniform color comparison, service has black spots, service has cracks, uniform distance neat. To meet the above standards is a good choice of copper strand. Secondly: to see the specifications of copper strand model copper strand selection needs to observe the size and specifications of the line, the general copper strand wire drawing needs to be within the specified scope, not beyond the technical standards, otherwise regarded as invalid strand.

The single strand must meet the uniform and neat characteristics and conform to the process rules.

Again: see the choose and buy of copper conductor structure of copper conductor to observe the distribution and structure of stranded wire, see if there is a short, short line, the phenomenon of loose strands, take stock, these are usually can have the macroscopic observation, we need to carefully observe the inspection the quality of the copper stranded wire, can't choose the unqualified products to produce wire and cable, can cause serious accidents.

Finally, the selection of copper strand should also pay attention to whether the welding process is reliable, whether the welding interface is neat, and whether there is service and uneven lines.

Welding interface should be maintained neatly, smooth, round, can not stick, the diameter of welding head generally can not exceed 0.2 mm; The welding of two adjacent copper strands should be kept at a certain distance and evenly spaced.

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