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How about the welding technology of aluminum foil soft connection

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How about the welding technology of aluminum foil soft connection

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How about the welding technology of aluminum foil soft connection


Aluminum foil soft connection there are two major kinds of welding technology, welding and welding with argon fluoride polymer, operating quality and welding quality there are some differences, so, what type of welding technology is most suitable for aluminum soft connection, you must first understand the characteristics of these two kinds of aluminum soft connection welding technology, among them, the argon arc welding is the use of argon as to maintain the welding technology of the gas, it is around the welding arc argon gas, block, the air in the weld in the area outside, avoid oxidation of the welding area.

In this welding process, the weld bead and high temperature welding on the mat surface forming aluminum may cause the problem of unwelding. In contrast, the solder polymer raw material is not because it is mainly heated to a certain temperature to melt the solder, thus placing the metal of the same material or two different materials.

When polymer welded to the aluminum soft connection, the heating power, heating time, insulating power, time isolation can be regulated independently, can effectively control the heating curve and heating temperature, to A certain extent, the two complete, in addition, with A sensitive heater stainless steel welding and melting, scatter enough solder, high-frequency transformer polymers in the high frequency transformer, greatly reducing the isolate the problem, and through the high voltage spark, greatly improving the reliability of the device, the low voltage, small size light weight, high frequency transformer loss is small without welding, to help reduce the cost.

So the welding technology release some high quality aluminum soft connection pad, the product has no scar, workpiece shape flat and smooth, excellent electrical conductivity, electrical appliances industry practice electrification, medium electrical connection of science and technology is in, welding equipment, and other large current of electric furnace is widely used in the generator transformer switch to use, so this kind of use a wider range of electrical components.

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