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In terms of welding, aluminum foil soft connection brings naxi convenience

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In terms of welding, aluminum foil soft connection brings naxi convenience

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Now soft connection, welding equipment of the aluminum foil in the casing was set at the top of the gas storage tank, and set a solenoid valve, control box set at the top of the shell side, and the guide mechanism is set at the upper part of the shell, the guide mechanism of the bottom of the component with electrode, position the center of the shell have a work station, the lower end of the work station set up a cabinet, as well as the setting of chassis end has a cooling structure part of the shunt.


Now the aluminum foil soft connection welding simplifies the welding technology, welding speed can be controlled, to protect the whole welding process, ensure the welding quality, there is a lot of practical, application of high efficiency and save costs and greatly reduces the labor intensity, the current understanding to easy to heat the new aluminum soft connection, which include a fixed component and multiple article aluminum foil, aluminum foil each article is superposition and at both ends of the welding, and welding strip foil pressure of two end connected to the fixed member, therefore each article aluminum foil cooling hole of the same size.

According to the multiple, the spacing between the aluminum foil strip to the aluminum bending continuous change of soft connection, with air to pass in the clearance of dissipation discharge to the external heat, you can now use the new connection, aluminum soft connection adjust connection, involves the soft field of electrical connection technology, aluminum tape on opposite sides of the ribbon connection plate, aluminum belt by the superposition of aluminum plate, aluminum plate at both ends of the through welding, the spread of the polymer, and the connection plate set has at least one connection bolt hole.

Two aluminum strip that can be achieved by the end of rotating electric connection, and the Angle of the two aluminum bar is on the device, so the aluminum soft connection in all aspects to more complex applications, now offers a new piece of aluminum soft linked in to the vehicle battery module, including multiple patination purple aluminium laminated together, and cascading piece of purple aluminium in the use of the top cover with aluminum compounds respectively, one side is aluminum foil layer, the other side is the nickel foil layer, on the sides of the aluminum foil laminated to the effect of the integration of each other.

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