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What is extruded duraluminous copper bar

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What is extruded duraluminous copper bar

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What is extruded duraluminous copper bar


Hard aluminum refers to a kind of aluminum alloy in which Cu is the main alloying element (including 2.2 -- 4.9%Cu, 0.2 -- 1.8%Mg, 0.3 -- 0.9%Mn, a small amount of silicon, and the rest is aluminum), with the code 2XXX, commonly used are 2Al1 and 2Al2, etc.

Hard aluminum composition: Al--Cu--Mg--Mn alloy, hard aluminum has good mechanical properties, high strength (such as 2al2-t4 tensile strength can reach more than 469MPa), easy to process, and low density, can be used as lightweight structural materials.

Magnesium is less than 2% of the normal hard aluminum. Manganese can improve strength and corrosion resistance, but generally limit manganese less than 1%, adding a small amount of titanium can refine grain, iron and silicon are limited to less than 0.5-0.6%, and the ratio of iron and silicon is expected to be greater than or equal to one.

The main disadvantages of hard aluminum are:

1) due to poor corrosion resistance, a layer of industrial pure aluminum (the thickness of pure aluminum accounts for 3-5% of the thickness of the plate) has to be rolled on the surface of the hard aluminum plate to become aluminum-coated hard aluminum. The strength decreases when there is an aluminum-clad layer.

2) the temperature range of solid solution treatment is narrow. If the temperature is lower than this temperature, the maximum strengthening effect cannot be exerted. However, if the temperature exceeds the upper limit, the grain boundary may "cross" and the grain aggregation may be damaged.

3) welding cracks tend to be large, making it difficult to use fusion welding [1].

Copper bars, also known as copper bus or copper bus, are made of copper material, with rectangular or chamfered (rounded) rectangular sections of the long conductor (now generally used with rounded copper bars, so as to avoid the generation of tip discharge), in the circuit to transport current and connect the role of electrical equipment. Copper row has been widely used in electrical equipment, especially in complete distribution equipment. Copper bars are generally used for U, V, W phase bus bars and PE bus bars in the distribution cabinet. In use, copper bars are usually marked with phase letters or painted with phase paint, U phase copper bars are painted with "yellow" color, V phase copper bars are painted with "green" color, W phase copper bars are painted with "red" color, PE bus copper bars are painted with "yellow and green" double color.

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