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Dongguan extrusion hard aluminum copper bar with you to understand the application of copper bar

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Dongguan extrusion hard aluminum copper bar with you to understand the application of copper bar

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Dongguan extrusion hard aluminum copper bar with you to understand the application of copper bar

Copper bar is a kind of high-current conductive products, suitable for high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contacts, power distribution equipment, busway and other electrical engineering, also widely used in metal smelting, electrochemical electroplating, chemical caustic soda and other super-current electrolytic smelting projects. Electrical copper bar has the advantages of low resistivity and high bending.

The copper bar, also known as the copper bus, copper bus or copper bus bus, grounding copper bar, is made of copper material, the section is rectangular or chamfered (rounded) rectangular long conductor, made of aluminum material called aluminum bar, in the circuit to transport current and connect the role of electrical equipment. The quality requirements of copper bus are GB/T 5585.1-2005.

Copper row has been widely used in electrical equipment, especially in complete power distribution equipment, because of its better conductivity than aluminum. Copper bars are generally used for A, B, C, N phase bus bars and PE bus bars in the distribution cabinet. Copper bars are usually marked with phase letters or painted with phase paint. Phase A copper bars are marked with "yellow" color, phase B with "green" color, phase C with "red" color, phase N with "light blue" color, and PE bus with "yellow and green" color.

Copper platoon is mainly used on a line (high current phase line and zero line, the ground can use copper platoon), in a electric ark bigger current components connection is done with copper platoon, such as a line of electrical cabinets connection between tank and tank is the mistress, mistress row assigned to each electric switch of electric cabinet, isolating switch, breaker etc.) is a branch on the bus. There are tin-plated copper bars and bare copper bars. Tin plating, embossing or adding conductive paste can be done at the junction of copper bars in the electric cabinet. Spare areas can be protected by heating shrinkable casing, or by insulating paint. The most important consideration is the current carrying capacity, according to the size of the current to choose the appropriate copper row, the joint screw must be tightened, or the current will appear when the possibility of burning molten copper row

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