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Duralumin features, extrusion duralumin copper bar manufacturers tell you

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Duralumin features, extrusion duralumin copper bar manufacturers tell you

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Extrude duraluminous copper bars

High conductivity dural-aluminum conductor material is a kind of dural-aluminum alloy whose conductivity has been greatly improved by reasonably controlling the type, content and ratio of alloy elements, adopting reasonable processing means and heat treatment technology to make the effect of fine grain strengthening and work-hardening of the alloy remarkable, and purifying grain boundary.

High conductivity duralumin conductor is prepared from duralumin conductor material. Its conductivity is generally not less than 61.5%IACS, strength is not less than 160MPa, and elongation is 1.5 ~ 2.0. According to different conductivity, it can be divided into four grades: 61.5%IACS, 62%IACS, 62.5%IACS, and 63%IACS. Compared with ordinary steel-cored aluminum wire (conductivity not less than 61%, strength not less than 160MPa, elongation 1.5 ~ 2.0), its conductivity has been improved to different degrees under the same mechanical properties.

Comparison of technical parameters between three kinds of high-conductivity aluminum-aluminum-stranded wires and ordinary steel-cored wires. Through to the high conductivity, the mechanical properties of hard aluminium conductor (sag characteristic, the wind Angle, ice overload ability, etc.), electrical performance (electromagnetic environment effects, lead resistance, carrying capacity and limit of transmission capacity, etc.), cost factors (quality of wire price, pole, etc.), analyze the energy-saving benefit and economic indicators, etc, and compared with ordinary steel core aluminum stranded wire, the results showed high conductivity hard aluminium conductor has great superiority.

Compared with ordinary steel-cored aluminum-stranded wire, the electrical and mechanical properties of aluminum-stranded wire with high conductivity of steel core are the same or the same, and the conductivity is improved. Therefore, the aluminum-stranded wire with steel core can be used in new transmission lines instead of ordinary aluminum-stranded wire. The unit price of hard aluminum strand with high conductivity is slightly higher than that of ordinary steel core aluminum strand. However, because the wind load of wires is reduced by about 10%, the tower weight can be reduced by about 0.5%, which reduces the investment of poles and towers. Moreover, the use of aluminum strand with high conductivity can compress the corridor width, which also reduces the initial investment. In general, the initial investment of aluminum alloy strand with high conductivity is slightly higher than that of ordinary steel-cored aluminum strand. However, from the perspective of long-term development, it is of great significance for energy conservation, environmental protection, consumption reduction and emission reduction, and the increased initial investment cost will be recovered in a relatively short time. Based on the above analysis, it can be concluded that the new type of high-conductivity duralumin wire has great utilization space in new lines. Compared with the former steel-cored aluminum-stranded wire, it has advantages in saving loss, reducing investment and increasing transmission capacity. Therefore, it is worth developing and popularizing.

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