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Trapezoidal copper row advantage, extrusion hard aluminum copper row manufacturers tell you

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Trapezoidal copper row advantage, extrusion hard aluminum copper row manufacturers tell you

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Trapezoidal copper row advantage, extrusion hard aluminum copper row manufacturers tell you

The trapezoidal copper bar is not a rectangle, but a trapezoid. Although trapezoidal copper bars are not as widely used as ordinary to conductive copper bars, they are usually customized according to customer requirements. Let's learn about the advantages and disadvantages of trapezoidal copper row.

Extrude duraluminous copper bars

The advantage of trapezoidal copper bar is that trapezoidal copper bar is usually lighter in weight and has good electrical conductivity. It is usually used in heat exchange equipment and some special machines in industry. Trapezoidal copper row corrosion resistance is also very good, such as our home water pipes, or electrical conductivity equipment, will use trapezoidal copper row, trapezoidal copper row in the life of the application is more common. Trapezoidal copper row stability is very good, not easy to damage, strong impact resistance, because of its special shape, so strong durability.

Of course, trapezoidal copper row also has disadvantages. At present, the higher price is a common disadvantage of trapezoidal copper row and other heterosexual copper rows. Because of its special shape, the production process is not the same, so the price cost is relatively high. In addition, trapezoidal copper row in welding, welding in welding, the processing technology requirements are relatively high.

Both industrial and chemical industry, there are trapezoidal copper row application figure. Now the use of copper row has gradually exceeded the use of cable, many customers will specially customized trapezoidal copper row. Trapezoidal copper rows are also used in the construction industry, for example, to make pipes and piping equipment. The effect is very good.

Generally speaking, trapezoidal copper bar has a specific application range, but it is also an indispensable type of copper bar in conducting bronze.

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