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Understand silicon copper bar together with extrusion of hard aluminum copper bar

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Understand silicon copper bar together with extrusion of hard aluminum copper bar

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In terms of appearance, high quality silicon copper bar products should ensure smooth surface, no oxidation, scratches or pits, and have good flatness and small size deviation. Or according to the customer's drawing requirements to produce various sections of the complex shape of the silicon copper products. The product has high electrical and thermal conductivity. Comply with Rohs environmental protection, provide material report.


1, about the main USES of silicon copper bar products: according to the current application situation, this product can be used for high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch control cabinet, power distribution equipment, busway and other electrical engineering, among which electronic special-shaped red copper bar is a new special material for the production of computer radiator.

2. Packing form of silicon copper bar products: usually, EPE is mainly used for packing between layers, which can effectively prevent the surface damage and oxidation of copper bar.

3. Introduction of main performance and characteristics of silicon copper bar products: the products can be processed under different conditions, for example, they can be processed under pressure under cold and hot conditions. And it has good performance in mechanics, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and welding performance. This product has no magnetism, no spark when impact, widely used in high and low voltage electrical, high-speed rail contact line, has excellent castability, high wear resistance and chemical stability, so it can mold small fulcrum, partial center of gravity, can resist strong vibration of the statue.

4. The surface of silicon copper bar products can obtain different colors after different chemical treatments, which can enhance the decoration of ancient bronzes and have permanent and commemorative characteristics. Therefore, it is widely used in railway electrical, sculpture, machinery, communication, chemical industry, shipbuilding and other industrial sectors.

In order to meet the requirements of different users, the product has a variety of specifications, if there are special specifications can be customized according to the requirements! At present, many users use trapezoidal silicon copper bar products. Compared with ordinary conductive bronze plates, the cross section of this product is not rectangular, but trapezoidal, which is specially customized according to the requirements of customers.

Trapezoidal silicon copper bar products have many advantages, not only the quality is lighter, but also has good electrical conductivity. At present, it is mainly used in heat exchange equipment and some special machines in industry. Trapezoidal silicon copper bar has good corrosion resistance, good stability, not easy to damage, strong impact resistance and durability.

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