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Aluminum soft connection wholesale

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Aluminum soft connection wholesale

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Aluminum soft connection wholesale

Aluminum soft connection wholesale

The soft connection of tin-plated copper braided wire is made of cold pressed bare copper wire or tin-plated copper braided wire. The bonding interface of copper row soft connection adopts molecular diffusion welding technology for one-time welding molding, featuring good quality, strong electrical conductivity, large current withstand, small resistance value and long service life. It is widely used in metallurgy (e.g., electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic zinc, electrolytic copper), chemical industry (e.g., electroplating), power transformation engineering (e.g., power plant, power station), power equipment (e.g., transformer, power distribution cabinet).

The copper soft connection includes the copper foil soft connection, the copper busbar soft connection, the copper stranded wire soft connection, the tin copper braided belt soft connection, the copper braided belt soft connection for the transformer installation and so on. Copper soft connections are characterized by excellent performance under extreme conditions with a maximum temperature of 300℃ and a minimum temperature of -40℃.

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