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Battery aluminum soft connection

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Battery aluminum soft connection

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Battery aluminum soft connection

Battery aluminum soft connection


High current withstand, low resistance value, durable, large carrying capacity, good electrical performance, easy to use and install.

It can improve the conductivity, adjust the installation error of the equipment, at the same time play the role of (damping) work compensation, convenient test and equipment maintenance, etc.

Product quality standard

1. First, pick up a piece of copper foil for soft connection. First, check whether the surface is smooth and bright, whether the grinding is symmetrical, and whether there is any uneven phenomenon;

2. Check whether there is cracking at the welding site (welding mouth) at both ends of the copper foil soft connection, or because the temperature is too high, the welding site has a layer of dots, which is also a bad phenomenon, the quality of welding affects the electrical capacity of the copper foil soft connection, so it is also the most important link;

3. If the electroplated copper foil is needed for soft connection, it is necessary to check whether the electroplating is in place, whether each layer is evenly plated, and whether there is no copper leakage or inequality;

4. Weight ratio: compared with the same material and specification of copper foil soft connection, the heavy one is better than the light one.

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