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Hardware screws

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Hardware screws

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Hardware screws

Hardware screw production design standards refers to the production of hardware screw manufacturing, the first need to design all aspects of the standard. For example, standard of screw wire, standard of screw mold, standard of screw tooth plate, standard of screw machine adjustment, standard of screw product drawing, standard of hardware screw electroplating, standard of tolerance range of hardware screw. Hardware screw mechanical performance standards, hardware screw product defects standards, product testing standards, product marking methods standards, hardware screw head marking and other aspects of understanding standards.

Design and production of hardware screw technology and other aspects of the standard, in order to better make the production of smooth progress, in order to make the production of hardware screw can be more in line with the specific national number, in order to better meet the requirements of customers in all aspects. Only then can a law be trusted and a chapter be found.

The following talk about some hardware screws in various aspects of the specific standards, from the beginning from the standard of screw wire, screw wire standard to meet the size of the screw specification to determine the standard of wire, need how much screw wire, what material of screw wire. Next is the standard of die tooth plate, which is also according to the specification, type, model and size of hardware screws to customize the mold. The other aspects are the standards for the production of hardware screws, the drawing standards for the screw samples provided by the customer, the tolerance standards for the actual production, the production masters' standards for the first rubbing teeth, the electroplating standards and some testing standards for the production of screws, and so on.

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