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Wear-resistant soft connection products

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Wear-resistant soft connection products

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Many Chinese industry chain, industry concentration is low, the high-end products matching research and development ability is low, soft connection, wear-resisting soft connection industry manufacturing technology level low phenomenon still exists, the next few years will be a soft connection industry high speed oscillation period, the direct result of the high speed shock is led to the trend of polarization expand brand ranks. It is not expected that so many companies will actually survive in the market in the next few years.

Wear-resistant soft connection products

But this high-speed shake-up in the electronics industry will bring huge opportunities, and the consequences will make markets work more rationally. The road to localization is unusually bumpy. Basic components have become a weakness restricting the high-end development of China's soft connection industry. During the 12th five-year plan period, the government will continue to strengthen the localization of soft connection industry and focus on the production of large-current bus supporting power system. Production testing facilities are complete, with international production equipment, strong technical force, with the development, development, production of all kinds of large current bus connection capacity. The main products are widely used in metallurgy (such as: electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic zinc), chemical industry (such as: ionic membrane caustic soda), carbon, electric power (such as: power transmission and transformation engineering, power equipment and machinery), locomotive, sea wheel and other industrial units. First-class production technology and high-quality management personnel make the company specializing in the production of high quality products and perfect after-sales service system of the large current connection soft copper busbar connection, copper aluminum connection solves the traditional bus easy fever, shortcomings and so on energy-intensive in use, and with saving energy and reducing consumption, super conductive performance, long service life, maintenance free, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, etc. Connection resistance up to micro - euro standard. It saves a lot of money for the users of high current system, and greatly reduces the production cost of the manufacturer. This product is mainly used in large-current enterprise electric power transformer -- (ac bus) -- rectifier cabinet -- (dc branch bus) -- knife switch -- (workshop bus) -- slot connection, as well as the transition device of furnace head and tail and copper soft connection needed by power system, closed bus, etc.

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